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Education Plan:

If you are interested in joining our Education Plan, please read the application form for further details.
If you require additional information please email education@itelescope.net.

Imaging rates:

Rate shown below is expressed in Points Per Imaging Hour (billed per minute of imaging time used).

Siding Spring Observatory
AUS - Coonabarabran, NSW

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New Mexico Skies
US - Mayhill, New Mexico

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Telescope 68 Loading

Spain - Nerpio

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Sierra Remote Observatory
US - Auberry, California

Telescope 24 Loading

Deep Sky Chile
Chile - Rio Hurtado Valley

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Plan reservation quotas:

Each plan level is allowed a certain amount of reservation time on the telescopes. Only active reservations are counted towards this time. Once a reservation is finished (or deleted) the time will be released back to your quota.

Starter-Trial Plan-40 Plan-90 Plan-160 Plan-290 Plan-490 Plan-1000
4 hours 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours 14 hours 16 hours 20 hours

Last rate review: March 2016

Minimum billing fees may apply in some cases (short exposure times & quick sessions): Billing Surcharges FAQ

The maximum rate is when no moon is visible in the night sky, and the minimum rate is for a full moon in the night sky.

Depending on the phase and the altitude of the moon, rates will vary between maximum and minimum. Refer to the Launchpad for current rates.

A usage receipt will be issued containing a detailed usage fee and a log file of your session.

Please refer to the terms and conditions: