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Premium Image Sets:

All membership plans include Premium Image Sets which are taken from our finest network telescopes every 14 days, right to your inbox. Higher the membership plan the more image data you get. This complements your standard telescope service, you pay no extra for image data sets.


Example of the M16 images sets RGB (75 mins) and RGB+Narrowband (27 hours)


Imaging rates:

Rate shown below is expressed in Points Per Imaging Hour (billed per minute of imaging time used).

Siding Spring Observatory
AUS - Coonabarabran, NSW

Telescope 8 Loading
Telescope 9 Loading
Telescope 10 Loading
Telescope 17 Loading
Telescope 30 Loading
Telescope 31 Loading
Telescope 32 Loading
Telescope 33 Loading
Telescope 69 Loading

New Mexico Skies
US - Mayhill, New Mexico

Telescope 2 Loading
Telescope 5 Loading
Telescope 11 Loading
Telescope 14 Loading
Telescope 19 Loading
Telescope 20 Loading
Telescope 21 Loading
Telescope 68 Loading

Spain - Nerpio

Telescope 7 Loading
Telescope 16 Loading
Telescope 18 Loading

Deep Sky Chile
Chile - Rio Hurtado Valley

Telescope 70 Loading
Telescope 71 Loading

Sierra Remote Observatory
US - Auberry, California

Telescope 24 Loading

Plan reservation quotas:

Each plan level is allowed a certain amount of reservation time on the telescopes. Only active reservations are counted towards this time. Once a reservation is finished (or deleted) the time will be released back to your quota.

Starter-Trial Plan-40 Plan-90 Plan-160 Plan-290 Plan-490 Plan-1000
4 hours 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours 14 hours 16 hours 20 hours

Education Plan:

If you are interested in joining our Education Plan, please read the application form for further details.
If you require additional information please email

Last rate review: March 2016

Minimum billing fees may apply in some cases (short exposure times & quick sessions): Billing Surcharges FAQ

The maximum rate is when no moon is visible in the night sky, and the minimum rate is for a full moon in the night sky.

Depending on the phase and the altitude of the moon, rates will vary between maximum and minimum. Refer to the Launchpad for current rates.

A usage receipt will be issued containing a detailed usage fee and a log file of your session.

Please refer to the terms and conditions: